KanjiNetwork is a little project to learn japanese. Currently, my japanese guide book is the Minna no Nihongo (みんなの日本語). I am studying this difficult language and one way to learn vocabulary, that works for me, is getting in my mind the relationship between words.

At the beginning the correlations were easy, the use of the chinese logic permit us to understand the relations between different words. Having that in mind, you can use a online dictionaries like jisho.org or kanjidamage, to imagine the relationship, i.e the words professor (先生 = earlier + life) and student (学生 = knowledge + life), that share the kanji 生 (life).

But with the pass of the time, with a lot of new words to learn, this strategy becomes difficult. So I decide to make a visual network of these japanese words. I figure out that most of the words are connected and tell us part of the sino-japanese vision of life.

The network

The vocabulary of the book was obtained from the Paul Denisowski's Japanese Page. The words with kanjis with high similarity were connected using an approach based in the Yencken and Baldwin research (2008). The graphs were done with D3.js.